Registration Form for Presenter

Registration for Presenter at the 2nd ICMMEd 2023 has CLOSED!!
For futher information, please contact via WhatsApp (+62 811472310) or E-mail (
Thank you for your attention!!

Registration Guidelines:

  1. Please enter your valid data.
  2. The space with the mark (*) is required to fill.
  3. File type for uploaded abstract is .docx with maximum size 5 MB.
  4. File types for registration payment proof are .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG with the maximum size 5 MB.
  5. Registration fee can be transferred to Bank Mandiri with number account 1860000445284 and account holder Vicardy Kempa. Please confirm your payment through WhatsApp Message to number +62 812-2022-2270 by sending the file of your payment proof.
  6. After registering, please check your email in order to join in The 2nd ICMMEd 2023 WhatsApp Group.
  7. If you have any problems or difficulties regarding to registration progress or any questions about The 2nd ICMMEd 2023, please contact us through WhatsApp Message or send your email to


  1. Registration Fee for presenter:
    Early Bird
    ● Indonesia: IDR 300K
    ● International : $ 25 USD
    ● Indonesia : IDR 350
    ● International: $ 50 USD
  2. Those fees as stated on point (1) are only rule for a paper which written by single author (corresponding author). If a paper is written by more than one author then for each additional author (except corresponding author) will be charged:
    ● Indonesia: IDR 150K (IDR 100K for registration fee as participant and IDR 50K for certificate fee)
    ● International: $ 25 USD ($ 20 for registration fee as participant and $ 5 for certificate fee)